Our Human Capital

To realize our vision, The Reem Group depends upon talented and knowledgeable people with strong work ethics and career aspirations.

To align corporate strategy with professional ambitions, we rely heavily upon the integrity of our people because we believe integrity is an essential key to success.

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Our management philosophy puts front and center the development of our human capital on a key ingredient to our advancement. Therefore, we “fast track” high achievers and have instituted an active management development program to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among all of our employees to maximize their capabilities so they can assume ever-expanding responsibilities. We believe that people who are self-fulfilled bring a greater sense of responsibility to their work, which is a special dividend for any business.

The Reem Group is committed to creating unique opportunities for people to realize their career goals and to become leaders in the development of our Group and our region. In other words, we are custodians of careers. We endeavor to install in our employees a common vision while encouraging a diversity of perspectives. Our employees are encouraged to work creatively to their full potential and to rely on their judgment and use their ingenuity to capture opportunities. They evolve into leaders, not just managers. The natural result is personal and career advancement leading to the enhancement of shareowner value and customer satisfaction.

At Reem Group we are thorough with how we carry forward our selection process. We identify the right talent by exploring the three key attributes of our AIM (Authenticity, Integrity, and Maturity) discipline in all potential candidates.


If you are interested in joining our team at Reem Group. Please fill out the Employment Application form and then send it to: inf@reemgroup.co
Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by our HR Department regarding the next steps upon suitable job vacancies.

Once your profile is found to be matching with any of our vacant positions, Reem Group. generally uses the phone interview as a preliminary evaluation of the applicant’s skills and accomplishments. Subsequently, a face-to-face interview is also arranged to learn more about each other.

If you’ve passed the preliminary interview after going through necessary personality/technical tests, you’ll be asked to appear for a final interview that will provide us with a more in-depth mutual understanding of our expectations as well as our corporate culture, values, and last but not the least, the opportunities within our company.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to be part of our group.; so let’s start together “adding value in everything we do every day”.


Click here to download our application form. Please send the completed application form to: hr@reemgroup.co or submit using form below.

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